Advisable Food for Individuals on the Mission of Trimming Down Cholesterol Levels

What goes into one’s mouth as food has a huge impact that lasts beyond the cycle of mouth to anus, it could make lifelong impacts. A good case of this is the consumption of food that increases body cholesterol, thereby resulting in future cardiovascular complications that could eventually lead to the death of such individual.

But there is fortunately a way forward—adopting an appropriate diet. There are some food we consume and love to taste that are ideally unhealthy for our bodies; they have low density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol. How about making a sacrifice for your good and consider eating only foods that contain good cholesterol and helps your body metabolism. Below you will find some of such foods.

First, if you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle, then you must consider taking breakfast. You could make the choice of oatmeal over bread prior to when setting out for work. This choice, research indicates, has the capacity to cut down cholesterol levels by roughly 20% in 14 days, and with some measure of consistency, the percentage can even improve.

Considering the slight inconvenience it would put you to have just oatmeal as breakfast, you may include fruits. Apples are great, and would do just fine.

Research has indicated that by consuming 2 whole apples daily or consuming 12 ounces of its juice, you would reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by as much as 50%. Apples can be bought in the supermarket and you can consume them just after you regular meals or as a quick bite instead of some fried snack.

While taking lunch or dinner, you should consider including a few veggies in the meal. Also consider choosing fish over meat, as fishes are extremely low in saturated fats and are great for lowering cholesterol.

There are some spices that should be considered for inclusion by individuals who prepare their own food; and one of such spice is garlic. Garlic is healthy for consumption and performs the helpful function of clearing the arteries from being choked up by fats, and consequently reducing the risks of heart problems.

Beans plus pork are a great combination when dieting, as they have fiber nutrients that are helpful in the fight against unwanted cholesterol in ones system. Then onions too are great game changers, eating about a ball daily can improve the content of high density lipos and cut down that of the low density lipos.

It is important at this point to bust the unhealthy myth that paints fats as entirely evil, well, that’s not entirely true. There are unsaturated fats and there is Omega-3 fats found in sea-foods, they are healthy to consume.

The process of cooking itself can have an impact in trimming down cholesterol levels. For instance there are fats and oils with different levels of saturation, and they can be used while cooking.

So next time you go to get cooking oil at the supermarket, do well to comprehend the health implications of the ingredients that went into the oil by looking at the sticker on it.

Obesity is a signal for high cholesterol levels and even the risk of a possible heart condition in the future.

And in case a person finds it hard to make a dietary scheme to lower cholesterol, he can consult with a physician or some nutritionist to draft up such a plan they he might follow accordingly.

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